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  • JJ1708011A-01

    Black Floral Triangle Cut Scarf

    Grey flowers embellish the edges of this black triangle scarf. Comprised of soft and lightweight polyester fabric, this is a great accessory for day-to-night wear. Feels elegant when wrapped as a shawl–the fabric is breathable and feels like a soft cotton. Features tassels dangling along the three edges.

  • JJ1708007-45

    Diamond Shapes and Floral Oblong Scarf

    Diamond shapes embellish this enchanting oblong scarf in various colors, with an overlay of rose print throughout for added beauty. This scarf is constructed with a thin, breathable fabric, perfect for wrapping over ensembles during the warm months.


  • JJ1703018B-06

    Camel Knit Scarf with Pockets

    Protect your neck and your hands from the cold with our knit scarf featuring pockets! This knit camel toned scarf features a pocket at the edge of each side, perfect for storing small items or keeping your hands warm in the cold seasons. Comprised of a soft acrylic knit, this scarf is elegant and cozy to the touch.


  • JJ1708010-45

    Dual Tone Triangular Scarf

    Two tones color this fashionable triangle-cut scarf. Accessorize outfits by wrapping this navy scarf around your shoulders as a shawl, around your neck, or even as a bandanna. Turn the scarf over to use the yellow side, to create a completely new look. Soft and warm acrylic fabric, suitable for wearing throughout the cold and warm seasons, depending on how you wear it

  • JJ1708027-01

    Floral and Striped Tassel Scarf

    Dual patterns are great for creating various different looks with many outfits! One side of this oblong scarf features a black floral pattern, while the other side contrasts with red and white stripes. Constructed with a warm acrylic knit, and features small fringe in two-tones for added style! Can be worn as a blanket scarf, shawl, neck scarf, and more! The pairing possibilities are endless.


  • JJ1709061-06

    Zig Zag Dual Tone Oblong Scarf

    Zig-zag patterns run down the sides of this camel brown and black oblong scarf, creating a very abstract look when wrapped. Neutral tones are great for year-round use, as they can be paired with virtually any ensemble colors. Made of acrylic and polyester, although feels like a thick woven fabric when touched. Add to your outfit for extra style and warmth!


  • JJ1706041-55

    Cream Oblong Stripe Scarf

    This essential cream scarf features blue and red stripes adorning the bottom. Composed of a warm knit fabric, perfect for the cool seasons. Feels soft to the touch and offers extra warmth and style to any casual outfit.


  • JJ1704008

    Solid Pleated Fashion Scarf

    This solid oblong scarf features a pleated style throughout with a semi-sheer lightweight fabric. The solid tone makes this a very versatile accessory to pair with various outfits throughout the year. Available in four essential shades, this is a must-have for any fashion maven’s wardrobe!

  • JJ1707025N-09

    Maroon Plaid Infinity Scarf

    This plaid maroon scarf features navy and cream stripes throughout. Woven acrylic tastefully creates a warm and classic infinity scarf, perfect for the fall and winter seasons. Wrap around your neck for added warmth.

  • JJ1707005-03

    Grey Striped Fringe Oblong Scarf

    Pink stripes embellish this oblong scarf, contrasting against the grey underlay color. Wear simply as a classic neck scarf, or style as a shawl-wrap with a belt. Comprised of various materials to create a soft and semi-thick texture. This accessory scarf can be wrapped many ways, and is great to sport throughout the seasons!


  • JJ1611061-85

    Blue Paisley Fashion Scarf

    Introducing our fashionable blue and white paisley scarf, stay in style by pairing this with your outfit of the day! Paisley is a classic pattern, consistently in style, as can be seen on this oblong scarf. The polyester fabric is soft and lightweight, creating a classy look. Since it is lightweight, it can be worn as a headscarf, wrapped as a belt, or worn simply as a scarf. Get creative!



  • JJ1611059-03

    Grey Leopard Print Oblong Scarf

    Create a cozy and stylish look with this accessory! Woven from soft polyester fibers, this oblong scarf feels lightweight and breathable. Contains a subtle background and overlaid with a black leopard-print. Animal print is perfect for adding style to any look, and is suitable for styling over outfits throughout the year!


  • JJ1609028

    Solid Tone Oblong Scarf

    Solid colors are perfect for pairing with various outfits for creating classic looks. Sometimes patterns aren’t necessary to complete an outfit! This versatile oblong scarf comes in four fashionable colors and can be wrapped many ways. Created with a mix of polyester and viscose, resulting in a lightweight feel, perfect for pairing with outfits during the warm seasons.


  • JJ1611058-01

    Black Floral Oblong Scarf

    Floral print is a popular style, which never stops trending. Delicate, intricate flowers in various colors decorate this black scarf, creating a timeless look. Comprised of a soft polyester yarn, this scarf feels soft to the touch and lightweight. Construct a sophisticated ensemble by pairing this floral scarf with your outfit of the day!


  • JJ1605011-47

    Dual Color Yellow Oblong Scarf

    This pretty vintage-style yellow scarf features pink on the back side. Tassels hang from the edges of this oblong scarf for a fashionable look. Woven from the softest acrylic fibers, creating a warm knit material. Create various looks by switching from the yellow to the pink side! Add this item to your ensemble for optimal style.


  • JJ1302006-10

    Multi-Color Print Fringe Boho Infinity Scarf

    Don`t settle for basic accessories! Opt for this multi-colored fringe scarf that enables you to keep your style game on point. This scarf features beaded fringe along the edges, and is made of a lightweight fabric that keeps you comfortably warm, without the added bulk that may take away from your full look. Create a riveting look by pairing this multi-colored accessory with your casual ensembles throughout the year!



  • JJ1604071N-03

    Tonal Leopard Infinity Scarf

    Greyscale leopard spots lend an exotic pattern to a cozy scarf that wraps warmly around the neck. Have fun with your daily outfits by adding this wild patterned scarf to your wardrobe! Pair with a neutral-toned dress, denim jeans, black top, and more!


  • JJ1605008B-23

    Solid Soft Knit Pink Scarf

    A light knit scarf is prefect for wrapping atop your favorite fall looks when the weather starts to get nippy. Perfect for pairing with many outfits because of the muted tone of this pink accessory. Woven with a light, soft acrylic yarn–cozy to the touch!

  • JJ1603220

    Sheer Lightweight Oblong Scarf

    Strike a perfect balance between comfort and style with this soft scarf available in four fashionable shades. Solid tones in a lightweight, airy, semi-sheer material, creates various elegant looks. Style as a head-wrap, neck scarf, belt–the options are endless.


  • JJ1611060-13

    Hot Pink Leopard Print Fashion Scarf

    Get wild with our animal-print accessories! Leopard print overlays shades of hot pink and grey on this soft, lightweight scarf. Wear this as a neck scarf, or drape it to the side of your handbag for a more versatile look. The wearable options are endless!


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