• JJ1708028-17

    White Plaid Square Fashion Scarf

    Square scarves are perfect for wrapping in a variety of ways–such as, a shawl, neck wrap, headscarf, and more! Our square white scarf is outlined with black stripes, creating a plaid pattern, and features small fringe outlining the edges. Constructed with an acrylic fabric, although feels elegant and expensive to the touch. Complete your outfit with this lightweight, soft square scarf!


  • JJ1611051C-20

    Women’s Orange Red Ombre Square Scarf

    Ombre is a popular gradient throughout the seasons, and fits beautifully on this orange-red square scarf. Almost imitating the shades of a sunset at twilight, this accessory is perfect for adding color to any outfit. The square cut allows this scarf to be wrapped in more than one style. Comprised of an acrylic knit, although has the feeling of a thick woven texture.


  • JJ1708026B-45

    Houndstooth Multi Color Square Scarf

    Beautiful multi colored hounds-tooth square scarf with small fringe outlining the edges. Perfect for wearing as a shawl or wrapping as a scarf throughout the seasons!

  • JJ1707007-15

    Blue Striped Fringe Square Scarf

    Transform any outfit from eh to ah with this gracefully constructed scarf, in a slew of covetable colors and stripes. Yellows, blues, greens, and more–all colors that compliment each other. This is an absolute must-have accessory.

  • JJ1603202-07

    Beige Multi Geo Pattern Square Scarf

    The graphic geometric motif of this cozy scarf makes a bold statement, while the muted, neutral hues ensure versatile styling with a multitude of outfits. Composed of a woven acrylic yarn, although mimics the feel of an expensive knit.


  • JJ1603029B-15

    Geo Print Multi Color Oblong Scarf

    Geometric patterns in shades of blue and pink comprise this oblong scarf with soft fringe outlining the edges. Woven from a fuzzy acrylic yarn, creating a warm and cozy fabric. Perfect to wear as a blanket scarf, or wrap as a simple shawl to layer over your outfit of the day!


  • JJ1612047B-01

    Colorful Houndstooth Square Scarf

    The distinctive hounds-tooth pattern is accompanied by varying striped colors. Change up your wardrobe with this iconic printed scarf, with small fringe outlining the edges. Cut in a square shape, this simple yet bold accessory can be wrapped as a blanket scarf, or a shawl for extra comfort and style. Composed of a soft acrylic yarn, mimicking the feel of an expensive fabric.


  • JJ1703010-55

    Colorful Cream Checkered Scarf

    Bright-toned thin stripes overlay this cream square scarf. Create an abstract look by pairing this soft accessory with casual outfits. Add a subtle amount of color to your look by wrapping as a shawl or using it as a blanket scarf. Made of soft acrylic yarns, weaving together to create a snug wool-like material.



  • JJ1509032-15

    Fringed Blanket Bandanna Scarf in Blue

    Printed with lace embroidery patterns, this square scarf is sure to add a touch of elegance to any look it’s paired with. Easy to wear in transition season and wrap in several ways for optimal style use. Created with viscose fibers for a lightweight feel. Features a beautiful shade of blue with white details and small delicate fringe decorating the hem. Don’t miss this must-have square scarf!


  • JJ1603141D

    Textured Fringe Square Scarf

    A subtle woven texture adds dimension to a super-soft square scarf trimmed with eyelash fringe. Available in three stylish shades. Comprised of 100% cotton, creating an elegant and delicate texture.


  • JJ1601064-07

    Beige Floral Print Bandanna Neckerchief

    Small floral and swirl designs combine for one fun look. About two-foot square is large enough to give you plenty of options to wear, such as a bandanna or neckerchief style. Composed of luxurious polyester yarn, although feels similar to a silk material.


  • JJ1601065-45

    Geo Print Navy Bandanna Scarf

    Our absolute must-have accessory, the navy square scarf, done in pretty abstract prints and features a silky feel. This scarf is wearable throughout the season, and features a light-weight, soft fabric. Tie up your hair, wrap elegantly around your neck, or tie around a purse strap for extra fashionable flare.  Give your modern look a touch of chicness with this square scarf!



  • JJ1603075

    Color Block Floral Square Scarf

    Lavish flowers bloom in a dreamy haze of colors against a solid background on this square scarf. Composed of a soft and silky fabric, creating an ensemble-perfecting accessory you’ll love reaching for year-round. Wear as a head scarf, elegantly tie around your neck, or spice up casual outfits. Add a chic addition to your wardrobe with this classic pattern and over-sized constructed scarf! Available in four timeless shades.


  • JJ1603077

    Vivid Colored Floral Print Square Scarf

    An over-sized flower adorns this scarf cut from a soft, lightweight polyester fabric that’ll instantly take any casual look to stylish new heights. The lightweight material makes it easy to take your look from day to night and season to season. Brighten up your everyday look with this square floral scarf that sports a vintage-inspired pattern and vibrant pink and teal accents. This faux-silk scarf upgrades a casual top in seconds.


  • JJ1303032-01

    Floral Paisley Square Tassel Scarf

    Floral and paisley prints decorate this stylish black square scarf, featuring small tassels along the edges for added style. Ideal for dressing up casual outfits, this fashion accessory is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Comprised of a polyester yarn fabric, this scarf can be worn as a neckerchief or hair scarf.


  • JJ1611018-15

    Lightweight Ombre Fringed Square Scarf in Blue

    For a cozy, classically on-trend look, wear this ombre blue-to-white square scarf. Features eyelash fringe and a truly soft luxe feel, you can tie around your neck for casual flair, or wrap around bare shoulders for a touch of late-evening warmth.



  • JJ1611074-23

    Sweet Floral Pleated Bandanna Scarf

    This pleated square scarf features a delicate floral pattern against a soft pink background, perfect for adding a touch of femininity to any look. Soft and graceful fabric, ideal for wrapping as a headscarf, neck tie, or tying around your purse handle for extra style. When you’re looking for that perfect finishing touch to complement your sweet sense of style, simply drape this floral bandanna scarf.


  • JJ1603074

    Colorful Paisley Printed Bandanna Scarf

    Swirling paisley is highlighted by soft satin-like fabric, comprising this airy, square scarf. Features an array of colors throughout for added dimension. Wrap multiple ways to show off the colors and design of this stylish scarf!


  • JJ1707033-01

    Floral and Striped Bandanna Square Scarf

    Finish your laid-back looks with our striped and floral print square scarf. Featuring tassels on the edges, this bandanna scarf is adorned with various prints throughout to create a stylish appearance. The lightweight fabric makes this a great accessory to wear throughout the seasons. Layer this striped scarf over denim or a casual black dress to instantly change up your look.


  • JJ1707007-47

    Yellow Striped Fringe Square Scarf

    Transform any outfit from eh to ah with this gracefully constructed scarf, in a slew of covetable colors and stripes. Yellows, blues, greens, and more–all colors that compliment each other. This is an absolute must-have accessory.


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